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You’ve reached a growing team of ultra-creative yet very accountable marketing professionals managed from Scottsdale, AZ.

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We believe that our strategy and creative work belongs exclusively to our clients. For campaign confidentiality we limit the amount of samples that are published on the web. Get a taste of our work by clicking below. Want to see more of our work? Request a meeting! 

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Media Buying

Your Brand - There.

This is the process of determining the ideal placements and negotiating the best pricing for the creative assets we develop for our clients. Although Jexan works diligently to create organic, non-paid media opportunities the fact is that paid media is a necessity to any effective marketing plan.

In many cases, Jexan initially recommends frugal diversification of spend across various placements using a variety of creative assets but insists on accurate tracking mechanisms. Tracking allows us to identify & terminate ill-performing media channels or creative assets yet ramp up on the efforts generating leads (or other defined KPI).  The keys to great media buying are research, negotiation and tracking. We're here to help with all three. 

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